Our Work

01 Business Growth Strategies

02 Partnership Development

03 Business Matchmaking

04 Economic Development

05 Expanding Global Markets

06 Sponsorship Development

07 International Site Selection

08 Ethics & Governmental Compliance

Government Agencies
We help government officials squeeze revenue out of out public-private partnerships through creative financing and cost-saving technologies.

Private Enterprise
We’ll leverage our extensive network and broad-based insights to help you connect with the right players and get the job done.

Sustainable Development
America’s green economy is the next big thing. We’ll leverage the success we’ve enjoyed in renewable energy and other sustainability arenas for your green initiative.

Real Estate Developers
We help government recognize you as a partner, expediting permits, redirecting local opposition and reducing delays that result in costly overruns.

Nonprofit Organizations
We’ll assist in getting the right stakeholders around the table to serve as force multipliers for your nonprofit program or initiative.

Technology Start-ups
We’ll help turbocharge your new company’s growth, with the right introductions, insights and partners to reach the top.